trigger off

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Synonyms for trigger off

put in motion or move to act

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If a transfer does trigger off an early repayment penalty then it would be best to leave things as they are and share the cost of the mortgage repayments for the balance of the mortgage period.
It seems as though an act like the one last week will just trigger off the worst in some people," said an FBI spokesman.
THIS Cocoa Therapy mood-brightening aromatherapy candle from Origins, pounds 20, smells good enough to eat - but beware, it could trigger off an almighty snack attack
He said the fighting undermined the peace process and could trigger off a further cycle of violence.
Sixty-two per cent believe pornography could trigger off sexual assaults and 78 per cent disagreed with the suggestion that there should be no censorship on sexual grounds of plays and films.
Economists have been warning that government borrowing from commercial banks would trigger off an undesirable increase in interest rates on loans to the private sector.
A Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) commentary monitored in Beijing said the remarks by Shingo Nishimura, parliamentary vice minister at the Defense Agency, showed "to what extent the Japanese reactionaries have gone in their reckless moves to trigger off a war of aggression against the Democratic People's Republic of (North)
The new chip could trigger off a new round of complaints from vendors or graphics and memory chips about being squeezed out of the PC marketplace by Intel's ongoing integration activities.
Al-Zayani said in a statement that such "terrorist heinous acts" only aimed to undermine the country's security, stability and constitutional legitimacy, to trigger off sectarian strife and to jeopardize the Yemeni people's social fabric and national unity.
As soon as you scratch, you trigger off the itch cycle and it very soon becomes unbearable.
Officials said the car was parked inside a parking lot of the district courts, and a remote control device was used to trigger off the blast.
But traffic manager Alan Lloyd admitted capacity had eroded so much that it now only took a minor incident to trigger off gridlock.
The 24-year-old hopes his second goal of the season can trigger off a goal rush.
Hospital protesters in Worcestershire last night voiced hopes that a vote of no confidence in the county's health managers will trigger off a tide of protest.
He will bring in new ideas and trigger off a fresh approach.