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Synonyms for trigger

Synonyms for trigger

Synonyms for trigger

lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun


a device that activates or releases or causes something to happen

an act that sets in motion some course of events

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I particularly like the fact the sensor is on an arm and rests directly on the trigger. You can even test a trigger at the lower or upper portion of the face, for instance.
Next, I find it helpful to drive out the trigger pivot pin and the sear lever pivot pin and then remove the sear lever and trigger as a group from the bottom of the receiver.
I checked before and after each range session, but by the end of my test the trigger components had not loosened at all, and the trigger itself never malfunctioned.
This one stands out as the only rifle I can recall owning where I adjusted the trigger to a heavier pull weight.
The other product in the ALG line-up is the ALG Combat Trigger (ACT).
One of the most common causes of hand pain in adults is trigger finger.
To handle high-bandwidth signals, many companies have expanded the types of trigger events handled by hardware.
Bench shooting and range drills benefit from a two-stage trigger, while experienced combat shooters might prefer a lighter, single-stage trigger.
What I needed was a double-stack pistol that would allow me to also reach the trigger properly.
"If a target object in a high-speed production line passes a sensor every five seconds for a period of one second and the sensor has a trigger function, the output of the sensor only needs to be switched on every 5s for a duration of Is," he said.
These sensors can be triggered both via the 'edge' or the 'level' of the trigger signal.
"There is a lot to be learned about the nature of triggers and why something might be a trigger for one person but be a protective nature for another."
If you have a compelling message, or better yet offer (free shipping), trigger that email just hours after abandonment.
This capability has led to the development of automated systems that trigger alerts based on relevant events and send prearranged notices in response.
Myofascial Trigger Points are described by Travell and Simons1 as hyperirritable loci within a taut band of skeletal muscle or the fascia that surrounds it.