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one who behaves lightly or not seriously

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Sworn triflers of a lifetime, they would not venture among the sober truths of life not even to be truly blest.
They can only be displaced at the cost of corrupted consciences and broken lives--a futile game for arrogant philosophers and sanguinary triflers.
In the eighteenth century, a doodler, a word derived from the expression "do little," is a trifler, an idler, a fool or a simpleton.
He may be named only to be cursed as wanton and mocker, poseur, trifler, and vagrant.
In his Dictionary (1755), Samuel Johnson defined 'A fribbler' as a trifler 'who professes rapture for the woman, [but] dreads her consent'.
This procedure obscures the dramatic force of the dialogue as well as a vital facet of Raphael Hythlo-daeus as a character--that he is both "Raphael," the healing or medicine of God, and "Hythlodaeus," trifler, babbler, speaker of nonsense or drivel (Thrasymachus accuses Socrates of speaking toward the end of the first book of the Republic [336D]).