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Finally, decorate the trifle with reserved mandarin slices, flaked almonds and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.
CHATEAU BARBIER SAUTERNES 2005, France (PS9.99, 37.5cl, THIS delectable Bordeaux blonde from an outstanding vintage will complement a well-laced trifle with fresh fruit, vanilla custard and cream.
the TAKE 5 bar morphs into an elegant plated dessert galvanized by a trifle with some familiar and not-so-familiar flavors such as miso caramel.
* Top each trifle with a good dollop of crme frache.
19 A rich and fruity trifle with plenty of custard.
A really self-indulgent pud that tastes wonderful, but it's also highest in fat and calories.5/5SOMERFIELD FRUIT COCKTAIL TRIFLE WITH WHIPPED CREAM, 125g, 57p.
A WIFE unwittingly laced a trifle with her hubby's prized pounds 2000 bottle of whisky.