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Synonyms for trifle

unimportant matter or thing


very small amount


Synonyms for trifle

to treat lightly or flippantly

to move one's fingers or hands in a nervous or aimless fashion

to make amorous advances without serious intentions

trifle away: to pass (time) without working or in avoiding work

trifle away: to spend (money) excessively and usually foolishly

Synonyms for trifle

a cold pudding made of layers of sponge cake spread with fruit or jelly

a detail that is considered insignificant

act frivolously


Related Words

consider not very seriously

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Trifle also tends to make an appearance on Prue's table: "I make very good trifle because I can't stand leftovers, so if there's a bit of stale cake around, it goes in the freezer to become trifle."
Julie Collier, from Belle Vale, tucked into an own-brand trifle she had bought at the shop only to feel a glass-like object in the her mouth.
She said that as she tucked into an Asda own-brand trifle, that she purchased on Sunday, she felt something hard and sharp between her teeth.
Next cut the other slice into diamond shapes and decorate around the edge of the trifle dish with these, then pour the brandy over the top.
SHOT DEAD: Workers shot dead their colleague over a trifle on Wednesday on the premises of the factory located near Jamber village on Multan Road in the limits of Phoolnagar police station.
A new trifle has appeared in stores based on the popular Easter treat the Creme Egg and it is filled with chocolate layers - how delightful.
Arrange the clementine segments in the bottom of your trifle bowl, pour over the liquid and refrigerate for at least four hours, to set.
Now you're ready to construct the trifle. Chop up 150g (51/2 oz) of the cake and place on top of the jelly.
Arrange the DESSERTCLEMENTINE (serves CLEMENTINE segments in the bottom of your trifle bowl, pour over the liquid and refrigerate for at least four hours, to set.
Celebrations of course involve food, there will be a traditional English supper of bangers and mash and, to top it all off, some trifle.
Lots of ingredients such as Parmesan cheese, fresh trifle, different kinds of teas, smoked meats and fish, etc., especially flew in from Italy," he said.