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one (as a judge) who examines and settles a case

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"All we're hearing is, When are you going to do it?'" Trier said.
Seven years ago, when von Trier premiered his "Melancholia" in Cannes, he was asked at a news conference about discovering his family's German heritage in addition to his Jewish roots.
In addition, a massive and somewhat controversial Marx statue donated by the People's Republic of China will be erected for the anniversary in Trier. While no doubt impressive, some locals have voiced some concern about the towering height of the "Mega Marx."
Police in Trier said all four people aboard were killed - a 61-year-old businessman from the region and his 60-year-old wife, along with the pilot and co-pilot, who weren't immediately identified.
A 13-year veteran of the bank, Trier succeeds Elliot Jaffee, who was promoted to lead US Bank Commercial Banking earlier this year and oversees all of the U.S.
That's the question on the lips of movie-goers, critics and executives at the Cannes film festival after the sudden expulsion of Danish director Lars Von Trier.
CANNES: Cannes barred provocative Danish director Lars von Trier Thursday, amid a growing backlash over his remarks about Adolf Hitler.
A statement from Cannes organisers said von Trier now is "persona non grata" at Cannes for his comments a day earlier.
Cue the requisite media maelstrom: As soon as von Trier was done talking, bloggers blogged, pundits pronounced, the festival's organizers mumbled a few disapproving words, and the din, as is usually the case with things of this sort, grew too loud for anyone to make any sense of the situation.
With a population of just 100,000, walking is the best way to see all the sights of compact Trier.
When it came to Danish film director Lars von Trier's turn to speak, he announced that he represented the group Dogme 95 and, in a dramatic agitprop gesture, threw a handful of red leaflets bearing the Dogme manifesto off the stage and stalked out of the theatre.
Screenplay, Lars yon Trier. Camera (color, 8mm/35mm), Sebastian Blenkov; editor, Per K.
Discussed in this essay: Trier on von Trier, edited by Stig Bjorkman.
THE DOGME 95 "Vow of Chastity" notwithstanding, purity isn't high on Lars von Trier's agenda.
WHEN Danish director Lars von Trier is behind the camera, expect the unexpected.