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Synonyms for tried

tested and proved useful or correct

Related Words

tested and proved to be reliable

References in classic literature ?
I've tried to help you be good, but you won't let me, and I shall not try any more.
I hate to have him do so, and tried to stop it, but went to work the wrong way, so we got into a mess."
Confide in me, as I do in you," said Fanny tenderly, for all the coldness she had tried to hide from Polly, had melted in the sudden sunshine that had come to her.
He still said it was "all right," but there was such a leaden dread at his heart that the words had lost their ring and sounded just as if he had said, "All is lost!" Becky clung to his side in an anguish of fear, and tried hard to keep back the tears, but they would come.
He tried to get Becky to talk, but her sorrows were too oppressive, all her hopes were gone.
They tried to estimate how long they had been in the cave, but all they knew was that it seemed days and weeks, and yet it was plain that this could not be, for their candles were not gone yet.
According to a notification issued here by Home and Tribal Affairs Department, the terrorism cases of North Waziristan would be tried by Anti Terrorism Court, Bannu.
3 : to examine or investigate in a court of law <They were tried for murder.>
We like to provide digital photos and have always tried to insist that digital photos not only establish quality of paper, but that they also establish the bale integrity.
It seems like all these dynamic people who have tried to get free of something, wherever they're from, end up there.