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a spear with three prongs

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For GSP, the partnership with Trident stands as a recognition of our capabilities and expertise as leading oil & gas services provider in the Black Sea region.' Said Gabirel Comanescu, president of GSP Holding.
A key feature of Trident 4 that enables these benefits is the ability to scale from 2.0 to 12.8 Tb/s on monolithic 7nm, fully programmable silicon implementations with full enterprise-class functionality.
Infrastructure solutions provider Panduit has extended its strategic partnership with Trident Technology Services to support growing sales opportunities in the company's three key market sectors of data centre, enterprise and industrial automation, across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.
But glow-in-the-dark markers are - literally - the tip of the iceberg for Trident 3.
[twitter-tweet]Disarm Trident Walk Ends In Georgia ( via ( @PopResistance
Trident is a platform to build on for the future with innovative features coming soon like Multi-Machine capability, Pump Expansion Modules and Integrated Sensor Technology for proof of flow, delivery and much more.
The commitment of pensioners Brian and Angela to make a stand against Trident is admirable to say the least.
"I would also like to thank Ryan Jobson and the Trident Soccer team for organising and sponsoring the event as well as FA referees Richard Kelley and Peter Taylor, fixture co-ordinator Malcolm Graham and our school staff."
The Times said Trident missiles have been test-fired only five times by UK submarines this century because they each cost 17 million pounds.
The execution of Operation Trident Arch 2016 was a break from past missions.
Last month, Ronnie Campbell MP told The Journal that Trident had become irrelevant for two reasons.
HAVING watched the Trident debate on Monday, there was a strong whiff of deja vu.
CAMPAIGNERS took to the streets of Wales and travelled to London yesterday to call on MPs to vote against the replacement of Britain's ageing Trident nuclear weapons programme.
David Cameron has been accused of playing games over the replacement of the Trident nuclear submarine system as MPs prepare to vote tomorrow.
In what is being called one of the largest nuclear weapons protests in the United Kingdom in a generation, thousands marched through the streets of London against the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent system, the Financial Times ( reported.