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cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three points


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The Volto (Italian for face) or Larva (meaning ghost in Latin) is the iconic modern Venetian mask: it is often stark white, frequently gilded and decorated, and is commonly worn with a tricorn and cloak.
1 Tricorn imagery marks the outside of the building, where a triangular sculpture hovers above the staircase, highlighted by the staircase's uplights as well as asymmetrical LED floodlights that are mounted to the roof.
CEG has demonstrated its commitment to Tricorn House over a sustained period and is reaping the rewards of the significant investment made in upgrading the landmark building," Mr Thacker said.
The head drum major is distinguished from other members of the unit in two ways: He wears the light-infantry cap, rather than the tricorn hat worn by the other musicians, and carries an espontoon in his right hand (which differs from the large mace carried by most military drum majors).
Nelson is wearing a blue naval coat and a large tricorn hat.
Seiki Systems, which supplies manufacturing execution software, has linked with Tricorn Systems which produces job processing software with integrated quality assurance, workshop planning and time and attendance modules.
Global Banking News-17 December 2009-Nomura Holdings to buy Tricorn Partners(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
And at a ceremony the Get Carter car park was pipped at the post by another eyesore down south - the Tricorn megacentre which used to occupy the heart of Portsmouth.
They planted bulbs around the area next to the Tricorn pub in Palace Fields, Runcorn.
Young Jonathan meets a lady wearing a black cape and a tricorn hat, who turns out to be a famous poet.
Beadle Mr Bumble, complete with gold-trimmed tricorn hat, cane and ladle was on hand to eject anyone who dared ask for more.
They dressed him in a tricorn hat and tartan trews, handed him a bell and got him to pose for publicity shots with Deputy Provost Mary Kilpatrick.
Varley recommended chartered accountant Dowley, a keen racing follower who worked for Morgan Grenfell and Merrill Lynch before helping to set up Tricorn Partners, an independent corporate finance advisory firm, in 2003.
was all set to throw my feathered tricorn hat into the ring and was looking forward to being Ambassador to Jamaica or The Maldives.
At a dress rehearsal, he put on his costume--a white ponytailed wig, black and gold tricorn hat and long red jacket--and joked that he could have worn one of the boldly-patterned suits he wears on the air as a commentator on Hockey Night in Canada.