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a flag having three colored stripes (especially the French flag)

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Witnesses also said Mr Bradley told the young people he planned to put up a union flag on the island - but not remove the tricolours.
Perhaps they are too young to recall the backing the Ibrox club gave to their rivals in their fight against the Scottish Football Association, when that body moved to try and stop Celtic flying the Irish Tricolour at Parkhead.
And it would be outrageous to ask Celtic to stop flying the tricolour.
Retailers joined in the fun with French tricolours outside several shops and restaurants, including Cafe Rouge.
He has angered loyalists even further by proposing that the TRICOLOUR also be flown at the offices during ceremonial events.
Every time a Tricolour is waved, it is not a sectarian gesture.
Tricolours then appeared on some of the depots and it escalated.
In the Commons, Labour's Jim Devine said: "Press reports suggest members of the police force texted loyalist groups and told them that there were tricolours being raised in this community.
Whether the tricolour is the one you consider your national flag or you prefer the union flag doesn't matter.
LIMERICK will get 10,000 tricolours tomorrow to help citizens celebrate the biggest parade the city has ever hosted.
As the two-bus convoy left Lebanon officials draped tricolours over the front to make sure they got through safely.
Attempts to ban tricolours and rebel songs at matches will not change this.