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Synonyms for trickle

Synonyms for trickle

to fall or let fall in drops of liquid

the process or sound of dripping


Synonyms for trickle

flowing in drops

run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

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The project will enable Trickle Up to expand its team of technical specialists to be deployed to countries seeking to use the Graduation Approach for refugee populations, train UNHCR staff, and create tools and resources to support the growth of Graduation among agencies serving refugees.
Dean Bradley, Sales and Marketing Manager at Glazpart Ltd said the new range is "the most versatile and efficient trickle ventilator on the UK market today," with key benefits of the plastic design including a simple, user friendly opening of the vent finishes with a positive closing action.
The negative pressure in the dust collector holds the duck-bill sleeve of the trickle valve closed, creating a tight airlock seal.
1 : to fall or let fall in small drops : trickle <Water dribbled out of the crack.
Political and economic leaders justify their efforts to stimulate the economy by placing as many collective resources as possible at the disposal of business, by contending that this is the best way to promote social goals: The more the economy grows, they say, the more fruits it produces, and the more fruits it produces, the more they trickle down to all social strata.
Trickle down was a rubbish idea then and it is a rubbish idea now.
The question was asked by Teri Lemm of California, regarding trickle irrigation for pumpkins.
But in a global economy, investments don't trickle down; they trickle out to wherever on the planet the rich can get the highest return.
Its unique switching architecture scheme, Trickle Mode, enables desirable light load efficiency for Li-Ion battery powered systems that require maximum efficiency in order to prolong use.
The Fed halted its two year long series of 17 consecutive quarter point interest rates rises over the summer not only to let its policy firming actions trickle through the economy and take hold, but also because the Fed was fearful of further crimping economic growth, which had plummeted from its scorching pace in the first quarter of 2006.
It caused a trickle down effect and now divisions like the NASCAR Super Trucks at Irwindale Speedway had to switch to Hoosiers for Saturday night's race.
It's prolonged charging in excess of a trickle voltage that slowly dries out the electrolyte.
So, finally trickle down became clear-as the rest of us were getting squeezed mercilessly at the gas pump, profits were trickling down into the coffers of the oil companies.
making our customers more profitable, helping them make theirs more profitable and reap the trickle down effect.
I thought there would just be a trickle, but we are swamped.