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having or involving three colors

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Women have poorer discrimination of neutral hues than normal trichromatic men and miss a larger number of small colour difference 'vanishing' designs intended to identify red-green deficiency.
Other columns inform about luminance factor (Y/Yn), chromatic co-ordinates (u', v') and the most frequent (mode) Basic Colour Term used for naming a stimulus in the Trichromatic Normal (TN) group.
Using proprietary trichromatic Vis/IR cameras, Manta recognizes each object's size and shape as well as millions of subtle colour differences.
While actively reinforcing its CPT business, the Company is rapidly shifting its business focus to areas such as TFT-LCD glass substrate, photovoltaic glass, new luminous materials such as trichromatic energy saving phosphor, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and plasma display panel (PDP) in order to achieve transformation in strategies, so as to establish the Company into a growing enterprise in the realm of display devices and optoelectronics around the globe.
Chlorophyll a (Chl a) and phaeophytin were extracted in 90% acetone overnight at 4[degrees]C, prepared and measured with spectrophotometer (Double beam Kontron 930, UV& Vis) at 750, 665, 664, 647 and 630 wave lengths, which are required for applying trichromatic equation as reported in SCOR/UNESCO (1991), to calculate Chl a concentration.
The final chlorophyll a concentration was determined using visible spectrophotometry and calculated according to the trichromatic method (APHA 1998).
Humans, apes, and Old World monkeys have trichromatic vision, which allows them to distinguish between blue, green, and red.
This finding indicates that trichromatic vision arose in a random DNA duplication event.
The trichromatic method is recommended for water samples containing chlorophyll a, b, and c as the major pigments and where chlorophyll degradation products are absent.
Unlike the trichromatic (three-color) vision of humans, deer vision is most sensitive to short wavelength (blue-violet) and middle-wavelength light (green-yellow).
The method of the trichromatic colorimeter (Stenudd, 2003);
They are sometimes referred to as the trichromatic coefficients.
G6 features a powerful new controller, modular vision engine, and trichromatic cameras that combine more pixels and faster scan rates to achieve more complex and robust inspections.
Chlorophyll-a, b and c were determined using the trichromatic method (APHA, 1998).