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In the present study, the typical leaf-shredding trichopteran Phylloicus occurred mainly in the area with gallery forest (Carvalho and Uieda, 2009a), which could be related to its dependence on leaves, both for feeding and construction of its case.
After the rainy months, the flow increased and connected the ponds again, favoring thus the abundance of aquatic invertebrates as trichopterans, plecopterans, and coleopterans.
The following 19 species are added to the list of Arkansas endemics: two fungi, three gastropods, one araneid, two opilionids, two pseudoscorpions, one diplopod, three collembolans, two trichopterans, one coleopteran, one dipteran, and one hymenopteran.
The stressed habitats consisting of drifting algae in the Neva estuary were colonized by eurybiotic taxa (chironomids, oligochaetes, hirudineans), locally adapted populations of stenobiotic species of trichopterans and ephemeropterans, typical of the studied habitat, as well as some recently introduced species of amphipods (Gmelinoides fasciatus, Pontogammarus robustoides).
In Missouri, the proportion of aquatic insects eaten (dipterans, trichopterans, and plecopterans) was small but influenced by the lunar cycle (Brack & LaVal 1985).
Ephemeropterans and Trichopterans are not usual prey items for eastern pipistrelles; however, they dominate the diet when they are found.
genera) of ephemeropterans (mayflies), plecopterans (stoneflies), and trichopterans (caddisflies) in the sample.
In Lake Titicaca, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Baikal there are pelagic flightless trichopterans that have adopted the habits of the gyrinid coleopterans, which are very different.
At the ordinal level, the major shredders in both streams were dipterans, trichopterans, and plecopterans.