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cause of trichomoniasis in women and cattle and birds

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InPouch kits which were remained free of trichomonad activity after 3 days of incubation were recorded as negative.
Vaginal pH is five, and microscopic evaluation of vaginal fluid reveals clue cells but no motile trichomonads or yeast pseudohyphae or buds.
The minimum lethal concentration (MLC) was the lowest dilution at which no motile trichomonads could be observed from an isolate assay.
It is often hard for people who have seen a trichomonad wiggling through the field of vision on a microscope slide to imagine that they could actually miss detecting this organism
DNA was extracted from the trichomonad culture and peritoneal fluid by using the QIAamp DNA minikit (QIAGEN, Valencia, CA, USA).
It is known that at least four genera of termite symbionts--a Trychonympha hypermastigote, a Coronympha calonymphid, a Tricercomitus trichomonad, and a Tricercomitopsis trichomonad--can live in isolated cultures on purified cellulose fibers.
It has been suggested that bird baths and artificial water sources could serve as a source of infection for naive birds; however, trichomonad persistence in water is not well understood.
Phylogenetic relationships of class II fumarase genes from trichomonad species.
InPouch TV kit can detect a single trichomonad and is 10 times more sensitive than wet mount.
Using immunocytochemical techniques such as indirect immunofluorescence microscopy and western blotting, we have sought to identify and localize actin, tubulin, and centrin (a member of the EF family of calcium-binding proteins) in Chilomastix, Trimastix, Carpediemonas, a pelobiont, and a trichomonad (Weerakoon, unpubl, obs.
Nutrient medium for the cultivation and identification of urogenital trichomonads
Microscopic examination of a saline-solution specimen of vaginal discharge may reveal motile trichomonads or "clue cells' in BV.
Detection of trichomonads by wet-mount microscopy is low cost and convenient and thus commonly used.
The positive result was defined as the presence of one or more Trichomonads with characteristic morphology and jerky motility.
Similar to other trichomonads, for example, those infecting humans, T.