tribal sheikh

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the leader of an Arab village or family

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On Friday police discovered the bodies of 18 men, including a Sunni tribal sheikh and his son, who had been abducted and shot in the head near Baghdad in an attack a senior security official said bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda.
5--Houthis stationed in Sana'a governorate's Arhab district arrested eight tribal sheikhs in the Bait Marran village on Monday.
There are definitely [business] opportunities" if the regime falls, said one prominent tribal Sheikh from rival tribe in Ramadi, whose many investment projects in Anbar province are linked to Gulf investors.
Clashes were renewed between the government forces and tribal Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar in Sanaa, anti-regime protests in the southern city of Taiz continued to be suppressed with force, and government forces attempted to end suspected al Qaeda's hold on the southern city of Zinjibar said the paper.
GUNMEN killed a Shiite tribal sheikh linked to British forces in a drive-by shooting yesterday in Basra, and two US Marines and a soldier were reported killed in fighting elsewhere in Iraq.
The car bomb in Najaf detonated in central Maidan Square where a large crowd of people had gathered for the funeral procession of a tribal sheikh, about 100 yards from where Governor Adnan al-Zurufi and police chief Ghalib al-Jazaari were standing.
Mosul / NINA /-- Daash blew up three buildings belonging to local police of Mosul, and executed six tribal sheikh south of the city on charges of cooperation with the security forces, according to local residents.
Al-Jadasi says the intended target of the attack was Zaid's father, also named Ali Bin Abood Al-Shareef, a tribal sheikh with connections to the Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah.
Abu Risha is the nephew of powerful tribal Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, who is a key supporter of anti-government protestors in Anbar province and who led the uprising against Al-Qaeda in the province from 2007.
This came in a cable sent by tribal Sheikh Nasser bin Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al-Rakan, the Chief of the tribe of Al Rakan Al-Wadaeen.
Mosul / NINA /-- Trrorist Daash elements blew up 15 houses in southeast of Mosul belonging to tribal Sheikh of Sbaaoween clan .
Al-Sharif, a tribal sheikh of Marib and a Houthi (Ansar Allah) field leader with the popular committees in Sana'a, was shot in front of Sana'a University by two men on a motorcycle.
Mabkhut Al-Sharif, a tribal sheikh in Al-Jedaan district, said the armed tribesmen stationed near Marib city include members of the Murad and Obaida tribes, the largest in the governorate.
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