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a female homosexual

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Barker, " 'Let Them Eat Cake': The Mythical Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution," The Flistorian 55 (1993): 709-25; and Elizabeth Colwill, "Pass as a Woman, Act like a Man: Marie-Antoinette as Tribade in the Pornography of the French Revolution," Homosexuality in Modem France, eds.
Part 1 includes chapters on representations of the sodomite and the tribade in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Winter's Tale, each of which unsettles categories of masculinity and femininity, perversity and familiarity.
23] As Hariette Andreadis has suggested, early modern discourse often accommodated female same-sex erotics by representing "exoticized female erotics" as disrupting "the classically derived notions of the transgressions of tribades as the English understood them" (7).
Symptomatic of this anxiety was the cultural fantasy of the tribade, with her hypertrophic clitoris and aggressive sexuality.
Related is the identification of women who were not tribades as "chaste femmes," a phrase that invokes the feminine half of the modern butch/femme dyad.
Suzanne Desan, "'War Between Brothers and Sisters': Inheritance Law and Gender Politics in Revolutionary France," French Historical Studies 20 (1997): 497-634; and Elizabeth Colwill, "Pass as a Woman, Act like a Man: Marie-Antoinette as Tribade in the Pornography of the French Revolution," in Homosexuality in Modern France, ed.
Valerie Traub highlights the social impact of the rhetoric on gender and sexuality present in travel narratives as well as the emergence of the term tribade, "an early modern antecedent to lesbianism" (156).
Today most historians of the French Revolution are familiar with Marie-Antoinette's eighteenth-century reputation as treacherous tribade, incestuous mother, and bloodthirsty Austrian wolf.
But I find that "lesbian" is not simply a placeholder for women who loved women; I think it can give us a useful shortcut for evoking a whole range of words that have been used to describe attachments between women, ranging from such seemingly neutral words as sapphism, sexual inversion, and homosexuality to pornographic slang such as tribade, fricatrice, and "doing the flats.
According to Dubarry, German sexual deviance is of quite long historical standing; Frederick the Great (whom he describes as "franchement pederaste") and Marie-Therese of Austria, a tribade, led by example--and "Aujourd'hui encore," Dubarry assures his readership, "les Prussiens et les Anglais sont a la tete du mouvement pederastique europeen" ("Today the Prussians and the English are still at the head of the European pederastic movement") (Dubarry 121).
For the complex matrix of terminology, from tribade to lesbienne, in use in French in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, see DeJean 1989, 250.
Valerie Traub's analysis of anxieties about the clitoris and the tribade in early modern England similarly draws together these two modes, finding in early modern anatomies and travel writings a means of critiquing Freudian narratives about the nature and development of homoeroticism.
latin-francais: tribade (from the Greek tribein, "to rub"),
I think Valerie Traub's history--which does not allow the tribade to threaten the "chaste femme" of female friendship until the close of the seventeenth century--is a little more persuasive than Schwarz's history here.
During antiquity, the tribade referred to a hypermasculine woman who derived pleasure from penetrating women or men with a dildo or enlarged clitoris; the tribade became associated exclusively with same-gender eroticism only late in the classical period-as Brooten herself remarks.