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divide into triangles or give a triangular form to

measure by using trigonometry

survey by triangulation

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in a way that triangulates the narrator's coordinates on the everchanging cartography of self conceptualization and identity.
In Coach Sawvel's plan, we would triangulate our three biggest players in the free-throw lane, as shown in Diag.
It claimed iPhone uses nearby Wi-Fi base stations or cellular towers to triangulate the user's position, helping them to find local points of interest, and offers hybrid map views combining map and satellite views.
When you use several electrodes, you can sort of triangulate the position where that release occurs," says Lindau.
Traditional GPS systems take a couple of minutes to triangulate your position.
Begin tapping, and the computer would triangulate the positions of those taps to figure out what sounds to play.
Like Robert Gober, Kelley and McCarthy triangulate the law of the father with social control and modernist authority.
The Railway Coverage System can be equipped with an integrated GPS receiver that uses integrated mapping functionality to triangulate the wireless signal in order to provide the exact position of the train along the designated route.
The system uses multiple low-maintenance, non-rotating sensors to triangulate aircraft and vehicle locations to provide air traffic controllers with precise vehicle positions and identification information regardless of weather conditions.
By comparing the sea squirt's genome with that of worms, fruit flies, and people, he adds, "we can start to triangulate when [specific] genes appeared during evolution.
Applause erupted again when space station navigators Jesse Medrano and Jose Alvarez announced they had located Halley's Comet with the help of a computer, had used the computer to triangulate the comet's exact position and were ready for a probe to be fired off on an intercept course.
Sensis wide area multilateration uses several low-maintenance, non-rotating sensors to triangulate aircraft and helicopter location based on transponder signals, as well as providing air traffic controllers with precise aircraft position and identification information regardless of weather conditions.
MIMcardiac, part of the MIMvista Corporation fusion and display software suite, will provide Positron Corporation's customers the ability to register three dimensional computed tomograph coronary angiograms (3D CTCA) and functional cardiac studies acquired on the mPower scanner, as well as triangulate between 3D and cross-sectional images.
MDS uses multiple low-maintenance, durable sensors in order to triangulate aircraft location based on transponder signals from the aircraft.
Indeed, many school systems use NWEA assessments as one way in which they triangulate data from their state assessment and other tests that may be in use in their district.