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the property of being shaped like a triangle

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So, reciprocal triangularity takes place only in one direction, which is US [right arrow] North Korea [right arrow] South Korea.
Next, we show that the transposition, antitransposition, and compression maps preserve the triangularity property (2) of Theorem 6.
When he sees the diagram of a triangle, he thinks about triangularity (1983: 54).
For example, the Trinity of God, postulated by Christians, at least, resembles the type of ambiguity that Attneave (1968) addressed in his discussion about triangles (equilateral triangles in particular) as ambiguous figures; that is, there are three interpretations, or perceptions, of triangularity, and each of these is equally probable and equally valid.
With lower triangularity restrictions on Bo, we can estimate the reduced form and create a moving average representation of the form:
Modernizing the college curriculum in American education; the case for transcultural triangularity.
Instead of rounded heads, the "faces of saints," the Blackfeet flowers are drastically different in their triangularity.
In chapter 4, "Imagining the Couple: Triangularity and Surveillance," Hintz observes that Osborne portrays certain characters--such as her servingwoman Jane Wright's and her brother Henry Osborne--as threats to the couple's privacy in order to strengthen the couple's perception of their relationship as a safe haven in the face of a hostile world.
Butler argues that "there is no desire prior to rivalry" and that "desire is the consequence of the triangularity of all social structure" (383).
According to the author, there were five basic stylistic principles: (1) activity, both subtle and vigorous; (2) symmetry, especially mirror reflection, repetition, and rotation; (3) centrality, or the ordering of subject matter in tripartite lateral sequences; (4) triangularity, as used particularly in royal lion hunt scenes; and (5) dimensionality, in which human activity is situated in space and time.
I maintain that the significance of this highly determined narrative gesture r esides in making us consider the specificity of the fragment; when we do so in terms of the symbolism of the novel, we cannot but discover some order of meaning in the suggested (if deduced) triangularity of the lapel.
Flanking each side of the axis and emphasizing the triangularity of the parti are galleries which provide a great range of spaces and lighting conditions for displaying changing exhibitions and the city's collection of Lowry paintings.
The key claim of such a view would be that it is a necessary, quasi-logical fact that a thought instantiating a complex universal involving the universal triangularity in the appropriate way .
First A is reduced to upper r-Hessenberg form while preserving the triangularity of B.
The Form (or Idea) of triangularity remains constant, although it may be manifested in this or that triangle.