triangular bandage

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bandage to support an injured forearm

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Keep a piece of wood, cardboard or even a magazine folded in half to immobilize an arm - and store a triangular bandage to serve as a sling.
Tenders are invited for Triangular Bandage - Size 90 Cm X 90 Cm X 90 Cm
gauze bandage, 1 unit eye dressing, 1 unit scissors and forceps, 1 unit 40 triangular bandage, 1 unit ammonia inhalant, 1 unit 4 bandage compress, 1 unit 1 x 2-1/2 yd.
Tenders are invited for Triangular Bandage ,Size 40 Inch X 40 Inch X 56 Inch.
Tenders are invited for Provide 200 Ea Carry-All First Aid Bag (bag only); 400 Ea 2" Bandage Compress; 400 Ea 4" Bandage Compress; 400 ea Triangular Bandage Compress w/ safety pins; 200 ea Biohazard Gown; 300 ea Tyvek Sleeve; 300 ea Tyvek Shoe Covers; 35 ea Hikers First Aid Kit; 300 ea Ammonia Inhalant; 600 ea Alcohol Wipes; 600 ea Disposable Face Mask w/ Earloops; 300 ea Syringe/Needle Keeper Tube.
10) Triangular bandage to make a sling to support a sprain or break of the wrist, arm, shoulder or collar bone.
Tenders are invited for Triangular Bandage, Mfg- Romsons Medicons, Nirma Limited Healthcare Division , Lakhani Medicare Pvt.