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trying out various means or theories until error is satisfactorily reduced or eliminated

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relating to solving problems by experience rather than theory

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Thus, the experimenter implemented a trial-and-error procedure to evaluate the specific effect of errors with reinforcement delivery on skill acquisition.
Let us first examine some reasons why we might choose to use simulations and probabilistic analyses instead of trial-and-error as a means of testing and improving our designs.
In two separate studies, researchers compared the memory benefits of trial-and-error learning (TEL) with errorless learning (EL) in memory exercises with groups of healthy young and older adults.
Electroplating is an essential part in the finishing process of manufactured products, but more often than not, costly trial-and-error, grinding and polishing methods are employed to achieve uniformity.
One driver behind simulation is the rising cost of failure with traditional experience-based, trial-and-error methods," says John Perdikoulias, president of Compuplast Canada, which supplies B-SIM simulation software.
Stimulus shaping was more effective than superimposition and stimulus fading Walsh & Lamberts, 1979) and was more effective than a trial-and-error procedure Zawlocki & Walls, 1983).
The ability of Insight for Active Directory to speed resolution of application failures and service disruptions was demonstrated during extensive customer trials, as IT professionals related how the product enabled them to bypass the prolonged, trial-and-error processes once needed to solve AD-related issues.