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a judge in a trial court

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The appeal said that 'in doing so, the learned trial judge has not only betrayed his inherent bias and predisposition while deciding the case against the appellant, he has also exceeded his jurisdiction as a trial judge, in that such generalised remarks and sweeping statement have no relevancy for purpose of deciding the guilt or innocence or an accused in a criminal trial as such a decision is to be taken strictly in accordance with law, which requires the court to confine itself within the parameters of the charges framed in the case, the admissible evidence brought on the record and proved in accordance with law, rather being influenced by his own subjective perception and observations'.
The trial judge found Abigail and Beth to be "surprisingly mature and articulate" and the testimony by Cahill and Paquette "neat, somewhat contrived and carefully scripted."
Adkins said a trial judge can have a general rule against prohibiting video replays of trial testimony so long as he or she is willing to make exceptions in appropriate cases.
He maintained that there was a string of electoral malpractices that compromised the outcome of the August 8, 2017 Kisii governorship poll.During the hearing, he accused the trial judge of expunging evidence he was relying on in proving how the election was flawed.
Etiaba, who said he knew that the court has refused to record him, announced his withdrawal when the trial judge insisted that the defendant should call his eleventh witness in the trial.
The article does not address whether trial judges have seen a decline in bank fraud, if banks are cooperating with homeowners in modifying their mortgages and approving short sales, or whether questionable documents are now a thing of the past.
the trial judge erred at law in concluding that the Charter applied at all in the circumstances of this case;
The court first discussed the issue of whether the trial judge erred in the decision.
After submissions of parties in the matter, the trial judge granted the request for adjournment and fixed July 2, 2019 for the defendant to open his defence.
Moreover, the Trial Judge stated as her findings of fact that '[t]he stop sign was out at the time.
For example, the appeal identified Para 13 of the judgement and contended 'the learned trial judge has proceeded to pass generalised and sweeping remarks lamenting about rampant increase in corruption in the society'.
Justice Department aimed to convince an appeals court to overturn a trial judge's ruling that cleared AT&T's takeover of Time Warner, the Wall Street Journalr eports.
Lord Justice Leggatt agreed that the trial judge had made mistakes in the way he conducted the trial, but that did not mean the conviction was "unsafe".
"The trial judge found that Petersen relied upon Roozbehani's negligent misrepresentations Roozbehani agreed to restore the settee for Petersen, and they agreed on a price of $4,500.00 for the settee, including that restoration.