trial by ordeal

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a primitive method of determining a person's guilt or innocence by subjecting the accused person to dangerous or painful tests believed to be under divine control


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In this first episode, Harry explores the rise of trial by ordeal, where painful and dangerous physical tests were used to determine guilt or innocence.
LANCASHIRE head for Twickenham and the final of the Bill Beaumont Cup against Gloucester on Sunday (May 30) buoyed by the confidence from having come through a real trial by ordeal to win Pool One North and fervent in the belief that the County Championship still has a place in the game.
It emerged in England early in the 18th century as an alternative to the Roman-canon inquisitorial system in which the judge was charged with inquiring into the circumstances of the case is order to uncover the truth, itself a 13th-century alternative to trial by ordeal.
Police found 37 persons who had been kidnapped, accused of witchcraft, and sentenced to trial by ordeal in Nimba County.
For instance, Babylon, like many other ancient societies, practiced trial by ordeal.
A truly riveting read from beginning to end, Trial By Ordeal is the story of an ordinary man caught between extraordinarily ruthless enemies--and equally ruthless lawyers
But there may be some resistance - so beware of fierce local subjects, battle drills, the famous Trial by Ordeal, the Bloody Battle at Clifford's Tower and the longship race on the Ouse.
He covers familiar ground, moving from trial by ordeal to the rise of the modern jury, with tributes along the way to such landmarks as the trials of William Penn and John Peter Zenger.
England's use of juries in criminal cases took hold after the Fourth Lateran Council condemned trial by ordeal.