trial balance

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a balance of debits and credits in double-entry bookkeeping

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* Preparing certain line items on financial statements based on information in the trial balance
With deplorable roads, poor sanitation and unhygienic source of water, the Assembly spent GH?139,737.83 on refreshment and allowances, and the expenditure is on page 15 of the Assembly's September 31, 2017, Trial Balance.
It covers Loans, Capital, Sales, Expenses, Bank Deposit & Withdraw, Personal Cash, Tax Paid, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet.
For instance, a typical process may involve exporting some type of data, perhaps a trial balance, and then opening it in Excel.
My experience in screening applicants for the FAO services even in Manila, is not all college graduates are capable of preparing a simple worksheet that could generate a trial balance and financial reports.
For example, the General Ledger Standard provides file formats for the GL detail, the trial balance, the chart of accounts, and the source listing.
Cuevas wrote the council on her capacity as city accountant in transmitting to the council a copy of the city's trial balance and cash flow dated June 30, 2013.
This question provides candidates with a trial balance and several notes, usually between seven and 12 (depending on the detail), and requires them to prepare the key financial statements: the statement of comprehensive income, the statement of changes in equity and the statement of financial position.
* Preparing a combined trial balance of all plan activity for the fiscal year
Pecan Deluxe's second new recruit, Mrs Austin, has been assigned to provide accounting support, which includes the management of all accounts functions to trial balance level.
Features include: Automated loading of trial balance and fixed assets data; Standardization and automation of tax adjustments and loading of late accounting adjustments; Automated currency conversion and consolidation; and Flexible tax basis balance sheet, aligning with international accounting standards (IFRS).
My first day, I looked at the accounts receivable trial balance and couldn't believe my eyes--the aging was at 72% current which is terrible in this industry, and my new company is the largest distributor for our kind of products in the state.
The auditor may ask new questions about balance sheet transactions, such as a request for the computer-generated trial balance or a chart of accounts.
In fact, her February litter of that year by Bar Time contained the Derby qualifiers Catunda Donie and Trial Balance, the former of who was an Irish Cup contestant at the weekend.