trial and error

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experimenting until a solution is found

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Ultimately, process engineers were able to reduce lead time and avoid further casting process design by trial and error. Casting process modeling also allowed the cast wheel to be produced 2.5 times faster than the initial design.
They emphasize that real learning is neither rational, nor objective, but circuitous, responding to trial and error attempts at understanding, and that it is firmly embedded in a social-emotional context (Brooks & Brooks, 1993).
Wight has also discovered, through trial and error, other methods of dying the wool, using salt and vinegar to fix the colour of the wool, while state-of-the-art mills utilize pressure dye with sulphuric acid.
Sometimes such a strategy is called trial and error, as opposed to the anticipatory strategy of 'trial without error,' because it does not provide any advance assurance that no harm will come.
Because learning often is a process of trial and error, the shared experiences of kindred organizations remain extraordinarily powerful learning vehicles.