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sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment or food

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Patient triaging of NPs involved surgeons and NPs simultaneously reviewing cases over a 1-month period, with a total number of reviews equaling 100 reviews per NP, for a grand total of 200 test reviews.
The rate of agreement between the nurses triaging the written case scenarios had an intraclass correlation coefficient by Cronbach's alpha of 0.993 (95 % CI 0.985-0.998, p< 0.001).
Results: In general, there exists a consensus regarding advanced training of ER nurses, since they are obligatory to take timely decisions about triaging, task delegation, surrogacy and proxy signatures for mentally or physically compromised patients.
There was less discomfort in triaging maltreatment phone calls post-intervention as depicted in Figure 4 with a decrease in feeling uncomfortable from 18% to 8%, and an increase in feeling very comfortable, moving from 0% to 8%.
ey added: "Triaging patients e'ectively and providing adequate and timely pain relief are extremely important, and we have since taken signicant steps to improve these aspects of our care.
A more experienced clinician is preferred in this case, as more clinical detail has to be explored as part of the triaging process using the triage sort algorithm (Fig.
ED reception/Triage desk, other than triaging should facilitate to evacuate the emergency area, prepare triage and trauma team, start visual triage and color assignment, Minor injuries and ambulatory patients may be diverted to the area previously assigned for managing such cases or referred to some other premise.
A recent article published on the effects of the Triage Center on crime rates ("Triaging crime rate," Telegram & Gazette, Jan.
I enjoy working in a team, triaging patients with complex and challenging needs, as well as helping patients, their families and friends."
Recently, a new trend has emerged, wherein employers are turning to nurse call centers to perform injury intake, thereby enabling timely, accurate reporting, while also triaging injuries to the most appropriate level of care.