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sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment or food

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Triaging of patients could be biased towards medical patients, whose vital signs might deteriorate rapidly, at the expense of trauma patients whose vital signs might remain within normal ranges for limited periods of time even after major traumatic injuries (De Vries et al.
By coupling speed, ease of use and accuracy in detecting heart attacks, we believe the Triage Cardiac System can play an important role in improving patient triaging.
Molecular Insight is developing BMIPP, a molecular imaging pharmaceutical, for the detection of cardiac ischemia, initially for use in triaging emergency room patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome.
The company's lead product candidate, BMIPP, has completed Phase 2 clinical development for use in triaging emergency room patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome, a situation that results in over six million emergency room visits annually in the United States.
The 2007 case series: At the start of the new triaging process, triage form collection boxes were placed in the acute care, medical emergency and medical outpatient clinic rooms; the nurses and medical officers attending to patients completed the triage forms, which the principal investigator collected on a daily basis and stored in boxes in a locked office.