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sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment or food

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Users can now view, in graph form, the triage risk and priority factors of all company assets and resources, along with the extent of the risk, appropriately color coded.
Introduced in December 1998, T2K Manager helps companies triage the assets and operational environments that can impact them beyond the new year.
Further, the Cape Triage Score (CTS) used triage discriminators that allow appropriate triage in cases with normal physiology (e.
The TEWS score was then matched to the SATS discriminator list and an appropriate triage score allocated.
We also considered patients in our subset who were inappropriately triaged by each triage tool.
1 shows the distribution of scores across the different triage categories for each system.
Furthermore, our own studies have shown that the reliability and validity of the triage scores applied are related to the complexity of the tool and the level of the triage nurse.
As the authors point out, the CTS was developed by the Cape Triage Group and reported on in this Journal.
We held the inaugural meeting of the South African Triage Group (SATG) in Durban in June 2006, consisting of 59 representatives from all nine provinces.