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sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment or food

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Como resultado de este movimiento, se presenta una reduccion importante en la estancia de los pacientes de los triages IV y V, que pasa de 2.78 a 1.83 horas, y un poco en el caso de los pacientes de los triages II y III, de 24.04 a 22.72 horas.
La tercera estrategia tambien es de flujo y consiste en la remision de los pacientes de los triages IV y V a otro nivel de menor complejidad, como lo hace la unidad 1, asi que los pacientes son admitidos y pasan por triage, pero una vez son clasificados en estos niveles no continuan en el servicio.
"No patient coming to the emergency department will now have to wait because there are three triage rooms, ready with staff to receive them.
"There will be a separate triage for the SCD patients and they will not need to wait as there will also be an assigned nurse to attend to them," she said.
Based on positive responses from the pilot program jails, the Telephonic Triage program became the focal point for the development of other service components that would enhance and unify the state jails' response to people with mental illness.
(For more information on the instruments, e-mail A yes to any of the mental health questions triggers an automatic call to the Telephonic Triage line.
In 2003, the authors began to develop a consultation service--the Telephonic Triage program--and piloted it in five jails.
(2) It includes the use of two standardized detention center risk-screening instruments; a telephonic triage to assess the level of mental health risk; recommended management protocols defined for each risk level; and follow-up services provided by the regional community mental health boards.
There are several reasons why accurate triage is important.
We recommend the creation of a triage committee at each facility to include staff from the emergency centre and the training department.
'Triage' originates from the French meaning 'to select or sort'.
Further, the Cape Triage Score (CTS) used triage discriminators that allow appropriate triage in cases with normal physiology (e.g.
The triage tool they propose is a modification of a modified tool--while both the original Australasian Triage Score and the Canadian modification have been shown to work well at identifying priorities in their settings, there is no evidence that this could be extrapolated to our setting.
Furthermore, our own studies have shown that the reliability and validity of the triage scores applied are related to the complexity of the tool and the level of the triage nurse.