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sorting and allocating aid on the basis of need for or likely benefit from medical treatment or food

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Patients triaged were correctly referred to the clinic for surgical consultation, with a sensitivity of 95.7% (95% CI, 90.8%-98.4%) and a specificity of 73.8% (95% CI, 60.9%-84.2%).
Calls are initially triaged by registered nurses, but since July 2011 some after-hours calls are transferred on triage nurse discretion to an after-hours GP for additional triage.
To determine interrater agreement and accuracy of the triage, 12 nurses working at the ED independently triaged 10 different written case scenarios.
Level 1 and 2 cases are relatively rare, and such patients can receive treatment immediately upon being identified.[sup][20] That being said, because patients triaged as Level 3 can progress rapidly into a Level 2 or 1 condition, they must be monitored closely.
Triaged goods are survival goods--goods necessary for life itself.
The collaborative effort will get homeless people triaged and put in Housing First, Mr.
A patient with an earache comes in, is triaged by a nurse as nonemergent, and then sits and waits for hours to see a doctor.
Group 2a consisted of 4I patients triaged as Level I; Group 2b consisted of, (12) patients triaged as Level II;, and Group 2c of 4 patients at Level III.
An hour after arriving at the ER the patient was triaged by Nurse Adelaide Posey, who noted that he complained of dizziness, vomiting, and sweating.
Thus by checking three parameters, respirations, perfusion and mental status a group can be quickly triaged or sorted into 4 color groups based on whether they require immediate intervention which is the RED group, delayed intervention (up to one hour) which is the YELLOW group, minor injuries whereby intervention can be delayed up to three hours which is the GREEN group and those who are dead which is the BLACK group.
Analyses of data generated by Telephonic Triage interviews reveal that 65% of people being booked in Kentucky jails have some risk related to suicide, 30% have had a psychiatric hospitalization in the past year, 38% of those triaged have substance abuse-related risk, and a staggering 77% have at least one symptom of a mental illness.
It is present in 65 percent of the people triaged, with high- to critical-risk protocols needed in 35 percent of the cases;
Patients triaged to usual care include those whose behavioral and emotional problems are mild to moderate.
Contaminated patients are brought to the station, cleaned, stabilized, triaged, and then evacuated.