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cellulose acetate that is relatively slow to burn

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Cellulose triacetate and tribenzoate coated on macroporous silica gel.
Kodak announces a 35mm triacetate safety base film, and two years later receives an Oscar for it.
Biodegradation of propionitrile by Klebsiella oxytoca immobilized in alginate and cellulose triacetate gel.
into a UV-curable binder to form AG coatings on triacetate cellulose (TAC), which finds applications in LCD.
It is known that reaction of glycerol with acetic anhydride/pyridine is an easy mechanism to produce glycerol triacetate for GC-MS analysis (11, 12) and the reaction can occur in the presence of water and an excess ofthe derivatization mixture.
In this study it was found that the cellulose triacetate and polysulphone HF membranes removed similarly classical markers and protein-bound liphophilic solutes as a LF polysulphone membrane.
For many years Gentet declined to make this material available outside his own company, but he is now selling plates and triacetate film for continuous wave (CW) and pulse lasers, as well as developer and bleach.
1997) indicaban que para la produccion de estas citoquinas era necesaria la utilizacion de Con A (7,5 ug/ml) junto con Phorbol Triacetate (5 ng/ml); sin embargo, en este caso la utilizacion de Con A ha sido suficiente.
Originally, glass plates were used as a substrate, but during WWI were replaced first with cellulose nitrate and later with a cellulose triacetate base.
Up to this extent, polymers such as cellulose, cellulose triacetate, chitosan or calix [4] arenes have been employed in the fabrication of polymeric materials with sorptive capacity for he dichromate anion.
The doses were varied from 20 to 100 kGy at 10 kGy per pass and verified using cellulose triacetate dosimeter (ASTM E1650-97).
Because we can now offer polyethersulfone synthetic membranes in addition to our regular triacetate synthetic membranes, our broader product lineup puts Nipro on the verge of claiming top share in the world market.
Will demonstrate biaxial film orientation of unusual materials such as PLA, cyclic olefin copolymers, PVA, polyimide, PTFE, and triacetate on its Karo IV enhanced laboratory stretcher with three ovens instead of two.
The company also sees synergies between Avecia's technologies and Fujifilm's activities in other sectors like flat-panel displays, for which it makes cellulose triacetate protective film for LCDs.