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a table supported on trestles

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A mound of layered woollen skirts, cardigans, blouses, and shawls emerged from behind the trestle table, topped by a high black hat.
Other than the schedule for opening gifts, it has also been a royal family tradition to place their gifts on top of a white linen-covered trestle table inside the red drawing room.
On the day they will fill their trestle table with vegetable seedlings and fruit and herb plants that they have been growing, such as salads, beans, courgettes, cucumbers, rosemary and chard.
PS5/day for trestle table, PS18/day for lawnmower Now for the reality check: Check that your insurance will still cover you.
The double "X" formation of the trestle table allows for optimal leg space while dining.
The book, entitled "Me, Marj and a Trestle Table - Conquering Social Enterprise", describes her journey in setting up a social enterprise, including her mistakes and successes.
At the top of the all-weather strip, a trestle table is groaning under the weight of enough tea, coffee, muffins and pastries to feed Gloucestershire's homeless for a fortnight, through which a couple of dozen of the yard's more ravenous owners seem set to munch their way in 20 minutes or so, like a swarm of Cotswolds locusts, their appetites sharpened by a rapidly diminishing bottle of port.
I had to gently point out it was a soccer match, not Last Night of the Proms, just in case they intended to erect a trestle table with a candelabra on it.
A classic trestle table could be the answer if space is limited.
It's always humbling to see so much effort and skill on trestle table display.
I think I'm now allowed to trade in the City, and I think that means I can put up a trestle table somewhere, without a licence.
If you want to be a successful car-booter, experts say arrive early (by 6am), take someone burly with you to help carry heavy goods and take along a trestle table to display your booty.
You don't need an old ship-shaped bar to add exotic cocktails to your mix - use a glam glass-topped trestle table for a clean, modern look.
At this lighter end it's a good idea to put a trestle table where you can keep treats and drinks so that you won't have to run about after your guests too much.