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a supporting tower used to support a bridge

sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop

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At the very instant, at the first sound of his voice, to carry on the Virgilian metaphor, D'Artagnan's recruits, recognizing each his sovereign lord, discontinued their plank-fighting and trestle blows.
There was no furniture, save a single long dresser covered with coarse crockery, and a number of wooden benches and trestles, the legs of which sank deeply into the soft clay floor, while the only light, save that of the fire, was furnished by three torches stuck in sockets on the wall, which flickered and crackled, giving forth a strong resinous odor.
Eighty men were pounding with fist and heel the tables and trestles - eighty men, flushed with mutiny, stripped to their shirt sleeves, their knapsacks half-packed for the march to the sea, made the two-inch boards thunder again as they chanted, to a tune that Mulcahy knew well, the Sacred War Song of the Mavericks-
The mono-rail cable standard became a striking fact in urban landscape, for the most part stout iron erections rather like tapering trestles, and painted a bright bluish green.
As the train rushed along the trestles, thousands of wild birds rose screaming into the light.
SOCAR reported that currently there are ninewells on the territory next to the trestle.
Turner & Townsend has expanded its USA west coast operations with acquisition of bay area firm Trestle Construction Management.
A Mayerthorpe firefighter will appear in Stony Plain Provincial Court on Wednesday facing 18 counts of arson, including setting fire to the CN trestle bridge in Mayerthorpe.
We knew it the minute we arrived at the Upper Trestle Creek Falls trailhead in Umpqua National Forest southeast of Cottage Grove: we were in for a bit of a climb.
Layout of coal clinker and cement terminal consists of a 460 meter long jetty a trestle with separate conveyor belts for coal cement and clinker connecting the jetty with storage yard (2.
SIDE TABLE NEAR HEARTH: Portobello trestle table, PS49; Dorset desk lamp, PS25; frame, PS8, all Tesco.
The approach trestle will carry the conveyor, roadway, utilities and other infrastructure required for transfer and loading operations.
Qualified staff with offshore experience conducted trial tests prior to the actual trestle installation.
Comprised of a 107-bent pile and frame trestle, it measured 1,573 feet long and 115 feet at its highest.
BAKE[pounds sterling] (CyHAN)- State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is building a new trestle No.