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a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

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Previously Martin, 55, had spoken of his heartache when a desperately ill Tress was told by an airline crew that she was not fit to fly home for treatment.
They have made calls to funeral directors who have advised that flying Tress home will cost about PS5000.
De este modo la acusada pudo abandonar la prision, si bien quedo inhabilitada para los cargos publicos durante tres anos, lo que resulta barato si de verdad era culpable.
Robert Murray of Murray Engineering will be handling all of the engineering work for the project, Tress said.
The Hinge Plate technology eliminates the cap truss and associated rows of 2x bracing between the cap and the bottom tress.
Gran of 15 Tress is resting at G McAllister's funeral home in Shotts.
TRESS TIP: Alternate direction of the small barrel to create more texture.
The money would be better spent on cleaning our roads and spraying the weeds in the gutters and around the tress which look an absolute mess.
The 16-year- old from Glasgow performs here as Canadian songs tress Shania Twain.
The tress was snipped from the dead composer's head just after his death on March 26, 1827, by a young admirer, Ferdinand Hiller, a Jewish kapellmeister, who had it sealed in a locket and passed it down through his family.
To observe sunlight-damaged hair, she simulated an intense month of Miami daylight by shining a xenon lamp for 48 hours on each side of a flattened tress of hair.
According to Denise Davis, writer of the featured essay, "Post-Traumatic Tress Syndrome," "We need to have sessions where we tell the story of our s/tresses--the truth about our experiences and our hair.
TRESS Connor is a real-life Mystic Mog - she uses her psychic powers to track down lost cats.
Tress Winning, 54, who suffered a massive heart attack while on holiday with partner Martin Faulkner and her son and grandson, has been in a Tenerife hospital morgue since December 28 because she had no travel insurance.