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Synonyms for trendsetting

initiating or popularizing a trend

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And trendsetting, because it aims to ensure that our planet is climate neutral in the second half of the century, i.
Founded in 1978 by former Newcastle United and Northern Ireland midfielder John Cowan, Trendsetting Awards has more than 2,000 accounts, supplying small and medium-sized wholesalers as well as direct to independent retailers such as jewellery and sports shops.
But as you read this increasingly engrossing picture of the short life of Robert Fraser, a trendsetting English gallerist of the '60s, the method gradually pays off.
Several trendsetting collections featured loose, loopy shag-inspired fringes, pillows, throws and, of course, rugs.
sparkle on tops, sequins on skirts and diamonte in the shape of a trendsetting tiara is how the happening girl is going to be dressing this summer.
The 2008 Trendsetting Product list will be featured in the September issue of KMWorld magazine.
a leading provider of information availability software solutions, announced today that Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) has named Attunity Maestro a Trendsetter in its annual list of trendsetting products in data management and analysis.
Summary: To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Steve McQueen's trendsetting MONACO, and to pay tribute to TAG Heuer's new partnership with Gulf, a new limited edition version of the vintage chronograph -- with for the first time an elegant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal front and back -- is slated for worldwide launch in September 2009.
The new joint managing directors of Trendsetting Awards in Killingworth, John-Paul, Andy Saunders and Lucy Gray, believe the firm is on target to grow its pounds 3.
Manhattan-based luxury residential developer, RAL Companies & Affiliates LLC, renowned for its trendsetting, innovatively designed properties in Tribeca and four-star resort developments in Telluride, Colorado, has moved into the Chelsea market.
Though the club drew on the creative and trendsetting energies of Manhattan's gay subculture, its ethos was more pansexual: It, was a place where downtown met uptown, gay met straight, and on a given night, depending on your drugs, anyone could potentially go home with anyone else.
Consequently, nostalgic patrons still have the opportunity to visit Adriano's at least one more time before this onetime trendsetting Italian landmark dinery disappears.
LOS ANGELES -- Dogeared, a trendsetting brand that creates handcrafted jewels and gifts in Los Angeles, was founded by Marcia Maizel-Clarke 16 years ago on the power of words and positive energy.
John Cowan has sold Trendsetting Awards in Killingworth, North Tyneside, to his son John-Paul after 29 years at the helm and believes the firm has its best years ahead of its as it looks to crack the corporate events market.
This area is in the heart of the meatpacking district that has long been the home of wholesale meatpackers, but has transitioned to the latest trendsetting shops, clubs and restaurants in New York.