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someone who popularizes a new fashion

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About DECOLAV - Established in 2000, DECOLAV is an industry trend-setter and ADEX award-winning manufacturer, offering the highest quality of innovative lavatories, glass fixtures and bathroom furnishings on the market.
Trend-setters like Becks love Lolita Lempicka's fragrance.
After evaluating more than 200 vendors and 1,200 offerings, this year's KMWorld Trend-Setter Products were selected based on their usability, flexibility, adoption rate and total cost of ownership, as well as the vendor's vision for the future of knowledge management," said Hugh McKellar, editor-in-chief, KMWorld.
Company Achieves Trend-Setter Designation for Fourth Successive Year
TREND-SETTER Cheryl Cole has clearly made her mark in the States - just look at the state of Sarah Jessica Parker's barnet.
I know I'm not a trend-setter because any trend I've set no one follows.
LOS Angeles may be a trend-setter in many ways, but not when it comes to setting a ``green'' example.
There are lots of stylish people out there so if you think you're a trend-setter or just want your 15 minutes of fame, send us a pic and we'll publish the funniest, cutest and coolest.
Kolber previously served as a Vice President of Sales for Faded Glory, Bon Jour, and Sasson during each company's most explosive growth period, establishing each as an industry trend-setter at that time.
Carlton's Spring '93 Auction was a trend-setter as well as a record-setter.
Trend-setter Beckham is reported to have been the chief inspiration behind the clothes and the sporty cardigan has been dubbed the ``Beckham``.
Charlotte has inherited the beauty of both her gran and her mum, Princess Caroline, and already has the modelling world at her feet as a teenage trend-setter.
Michael Aiton, Canadian country manager for Calix, views Telephone Guevremont as a trend-setter both in terms of technology and services, "There is no question that Telephone Guevremont, Maskatel, and now Telephone Drummond, embody some of the most innovative technical thinking among North American service providers.
And the woman who launched the famous "Rachel" haircut hasn't lost her place as a trend-setter.
We could be a trend-setter here,'' said City Clerk Margarita Campos.