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Synonyms for tremulous

Synonyms for tremulous

marked by or affected with tremors

Synonyms for tremulous

(of the voice) quivering as from weakness or fear


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You see, too," said the Doctor, tremulously, "it is such an old companion.
And here is the key, sir," said the old lady, going over the contents of her bunch with tremulously uncertain hands.
And thankfully, so did the cast: with Mary Elizabeth Williams's luminous, tremulously sincere Leonora as the deeply affecting centre around which the drama coalesced.
Her own impulse is to challenge this credo, that bad fortune is proof of bad character: "'But,' said she tremulously, 'suppose your sin was not of your own seeking?
Clara (Karla Doorbar perfectly cast as a young girl in a dream state) descends the dark staircase tremulously searching for her nutcracker doll.
I vividly recall tremulously typing up--yes, we had only typewriters back then--a list of more than a dozen story ideas.
Could it be, the nation asked tremulously, OK for men to cry?
Arch-rival Apple already operates a tremulously successful chain of stores across the country.
It ends on a small, quiet and earned note of hope, as Ma' Rosa tentatively, tremulously 'learns' from the worst day and night of her life.
My terror was reserved for German shepherds (my equally frightened little brother tremulously called them "sheffers"), with their pointy, mean faces and loud barks.
Then she turned, framed in sequined blue next to the fountain's statue of a water nymph, and reached up tremulously for Rob to kiss her.
Viewers fell in love with six-year-old Connie as she tremulously sang Over The Rainbow on Britain's Got Talent Overnight, the Streetly schoolgirl became a sensation.
And so, from ages fifteen to thirty, "Young Joe" is tremulously fleshed out by twenty-two-year-old newcomer Stacy Martin, whose energy level is somewhere between '70s Shelley Duvall and a dead deer.
His beautiful, shallow mistress, Sibella (Lisa O'Hare, svelte and pouting), who rejected him when he was poor, clashes with his naive new fiancee, distant cousin Phoebe D'Ysquith (a charming Lauren Worsham, who tremulously warbles Phoebe's innocent love.
Old Tom sits in his old cane chair Gnarled old hands twitch tremulously He wears a grubby shirt with fraying cuffs Which only gets washed occasionally For almost a year there's been no one to care The dishes lie unwashed in the grease rimmed sink The curtains hang limp; drab; grey The once sparkling kitchen like Tom Has had its day He listens in hope for an hour then winds his old clock Another early bed time, what else can he do?