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Synonyms for tremendous

Synonyms for tremendous

Synonyms for tremendous

extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree


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extreme in degree or extent or amount or impact

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I perceived, as the shape came nearer (sight tremendous and abhorred
There was a bite almost directly; the float gave a tremendous bobbit!
The soldiers on board the galleys kept up a ceaseless fire, which they on the walls and forts of the city returned, and the heavy cannon rent the air with the tremendous noise they made, to which the gangway guns of the galleys replied.
It is a most tremendous monster, like a great spider, with a body as big as an elephant and legs as long as a tree trunk.
It was tremendous, sensual, passionate; and yet there was something horrible there, too, something which made him afraid.
Jitendra Singh on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's revolutionary reforms have generated tremendous interest from the global investor community.
com/2016/10/04/politics/eric-trump-donald-trump-income-taxes/) tremendous amount of tax.
Jack Youngblood, once the tremendous heart of the Rams, still looked like he could suit up.
This transaction is a tremendous win for Monmouth county and New Jersey as Vonage expands its business and creates more jobs," added Shapiro.
Solar flares] are tremendous explosions near the sun's surface," explains Hathaway.
We had three freshmen, including Carmelo Anthony, who was a tremendous player.
Because paper and paperboard make up just over 35 percent of the packaging materials used for pharmaceutical products, this market represents tremendous potential.
Pharmaceuticals and other life sciences companies are desperately seeking faster and cheaper ways to invent more unique drugs and are hoping to capitalize on the tremendous advances in genomic and proteomic research.
For us as a small, company, we thought it would be a tremendous opportunity," says Hinchcliffe, who has worked for various mining companies mostly in Latin America.
Shoppers will find hundreds of brand name retailers, manufacturers, and companies offering tremendous savings on thousands of "buy direct" products and services.