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parasitic flatworms having external suckers for attaching to a host

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This is the first report of gonadal infection by trematode and Marteilia-like parasites in Solen gordonis clams.
Natural trematode infection in liver of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): histopathological investigation.
The relation of physid and planorbid snails to the life cycle of the strigeid trematode, Cotylurus flabelliformis (Faust, 1917).
The effect of trematode infection on amphibian limb development and survivorship.
The trematode species richness of LAE significantly differed in comparison to FL, TX, or LAW (Kruskal-Wallis, P = 0.
Identifying the exact species of trematode in granulomatous tissue is morphologically and histopathologically difficult for various reasons.
Oligochaetes may protect some snails from trematode infections by ingesting miracidia or by limiting the parasites' access to the mantle cavity (Ibrahim 2007).
Therefore, in this study we systematically evaluated diagnostic methods to identify birds that were shedding trematode eggs in a zoologic collection after identifying severe trematodiasis associated with airsacculitis in 3 birds that died from 2 separate exhibits.
hepatica since a food-borne trematode can occasionally cause hepatobiliary diseases in general practice.
and Clinostomum complanatum), one adult trematode (Pisciamphistoma stunkardi), four adult nematodes (Philometra sp.
The relationship between pollution and snails is unknown to our men working in the field and likewise the complex life cycle of digenetic trematode is not known to most of our people.