tree hugger

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derogatory term for environmentalists who support restrictions on the logging industry and the preservation of forests

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Colm Boston I wonder how quickly the tree huggers would turn to protesting at the lack of action if their houses got flooded?
But Tree Hugger isn't gay, the game's designers insist.
Despite record-setting low temperatures, rain, and wind, the Tree Hugger Day event at the Jefferson Memorial in our nation's capital brought out a dedicated group excited to share in a new annual tradition.
I think that there's a suspicion that if you're covering environmental issues you're a tree hugger," says Natalie Pawelski, environmental correspondent at Cable News Network (CNN), and a member of the SEJ board.
To celebrate the million tree milestone, IKEA and AMERICAN FORESTS organized National Tree Hugger Day.
This fall, AMERICAN FORESTS is excited to announce the first annual Tree Hugger Day.
Often mocked for being a bit of a tree hugger, the cameras catch Charles rolling up his sleeves and mucking in planting and building hedgerows, he probably even applied toothpaste to his own toothbrush.
Turns out the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi was also something of a tree hugger.
I don't say this because everybody ought to be a tree hugger.
This is the perfect choice for tree huggers of all ages.
To avoid further troubles sacrifices must be made" The gullible love this as do tree huggers as it fits in with their Earth Mother mindset.
An official of a group helping protect trees in Pangasinan has launched a contest for the best tree huggers in the province.
San Fernando, Cebu - Tree huggers are going to weep.
AS THE European election approaches, the Green Party is getting ready to take bigger strides in the political jungle now that they are finally accepted by the majority of the public as not just a bunch of banner waving, chain-link-fence-cutting tree huggers.
The real truth is that hardworking front line staff are governed by unqualified and inadequate tree huggers.