tree farming

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the cultivation of tree for the production of timber

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Though workers share anecdotes of pesticide poisonings and neighbors worry about groundwater contamination, not one case of long-term illness has been linked to Christmas tree farming in North Carolina.
To Tompkins and many British conservationists and sportsmen, tree farming is a curse on the land for reasons Americans will find surprising.
This will be a strange book for Americans, but much of it applies to tree farming here.
For most people who look at alternatives, 7 percent is fine only if tree farming offers something valuable in addition to money.
Stripling is a pioneer is tree farming, having started in 1939 when he was only 19 by hand-planting 1,000 seedlings.
The potential of tree farming is tremendous," Stripling said, "and the CRP greatly increases this basic potential.
As this example indicates, Stripling's interest is not only his tree farm, but all tree farming now and in the future.
A humorous look at tree farming on a shoestring, with some advice for fellow innocents.
So let it be said: a chainsaw is indispensable to tree farming.
The report suggests reforms that could improve environmental quality while making tree farming a more attractive investment alternative.