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someone trained in forestry

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House Bill 1470 would repeal the "normal yield tax on timber" because it is "discriminatory against tree farmers," said the bill's sponsor, Rep.
ATFS Certified Tree Farmers invest time, manpower, and personal funds to practice sustainable forest management.
PROUD Christmas tree farmer Mike Craig has joined special branch - after one of his firs was chosen to stand outside 10 Downing Street.
Robbins, a New York Times science writer, thought that planting trees was a "feeble response" to the planet's ecological crisis; that was before he met David Milarch, the charismatic and quirky tree farmer from a smail Michigan town who was on a mission to save the DNA of the planet's champion trees.
The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet comes from a one-time street brawler and Michigan tree farmer who after a near-death experience went on a mission to clone the super-trees--the world's biggest and oldest trees--to preserve their genetics as the climate changes.
In Etna, they gardened, raised sheep, maintained a maple sugar orchard and were tree farmers, winning the New Hampshire Tree Farmer of the Year Award in 1995.
In 2003, Jeffers was inducted into the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Hall of Fame--the only tree farmer ever so recognized.
The Faulks were selected as Benton County's 2006 Tree Farmer of the Year for the sustainable management of their timber operation and for the work they have done restoring habitats.
The trees were donated by Roatcap; her brother, Dan Roatcap, a tree farmer in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley; Don Cameron, a Santa Paula farmer who heads up the California Christmas Tree Association, and some individuals.
Based on Charlane Plantation, a historic 2,200-acre tree farm in Georgia cared for by one of the authors and his wife, The Tree Farmer is a picturebook about environmental stewards, who farm and harvest trees while being responsible to the land.
One of the most effective was that of Chester Thigpen, an African-American tree farmer from Montrose, Miss.
Edward is a tree farmer, vice-principal at a school in Prince Edward Island, and parishioner and chorister at St.
A champion tree is the biggest and often the oldest specimen of its species," explains David Milarch, a Michigan tree farmer who, along with son, Jared, created the Champion Tree Project.
But Thailand can grow no more than 15 million seedlings a year, says Jerry Rust, a Lane County Commissioner and tree farmer himself.
After meeting local Christmas tree farmer Nick Claiborne (Runyan), something else is awakened in Emma and, even though Nick tries to hide from her his talent for ice sculpting, she discovers he is an amazing artist and encourages him to participate in the competition.