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an engine that provided medieval artillery used during sieges

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The person who lands the job will support the assistant attractions and shows manager in the day-to-day operations of the team and of the trebuchet.
This was the last time a trebuchet was built for a battle.
Paul Mason and his partner Fiona Lander test the trebuchet
The Federales moved in discovering a 9 foot tall trebuchet style launching device and 45 pounds of marijuana,.
What physical factors do you think allow machines like a catapult or trebuchet to hurl objects farther than a person alone can?
The event, which involved teams of children testing homemade trebuchets and catapults in the Member's Dining room, was hosted by Stephen Williams MR Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
He coordinated the college's Computer Integrated Manufacturing Program and was responsible for instituting the annual trebuchet contest that the college conducts for area high school students.
Experimenting with trebuchet reconstructions, just as other aspects of experimental archaeology, is essential to better understanding our past.
Built somewhat like a medieval catapult called a trebuchet, the filaments snap upward, causing pollen to spray from containers hinged to the filaments.
The 22-tonne trebuchet, a colossal wooden catapult, will be installed at Warwick Castle where it will be fired daily over the summer.
That Duchamp titled this work Trebuchet (Trap) signaled his understanding of the consequences of that relocation--but did Caro also comprehend its radicality?
You take an actor and you put him against a green screen and say, 'That thing coming at you is a trebuchet,' and, 'This light over your shoulder is going to be blinking because it's fire, so feel the heat.
Brave and brash, at twenty-two he met a Breton girl called Sophie Trebuchet.
There were two main types of trebuchets, the fixed-weight, which had heavy weights attached to the arm of the trebuchet itself, and the swinging-box weight, which had weights attached to a box that was then attached to the arm with a hinge.
At the annual Hospices de Beaune auction on November 19 in Burgundy, Louis Trebuchet, president of the Bureau Interprofessionnel de Vins de Bourgogne, issued a strong statement asserting Burgundy's independence from what he called the "One wine, one market, one policy" position, which he claims is an attempt to put all French (and European) wine producing regions into a framework of industrial-scale marketing and winemaking conglomerates.