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Synonyms for treatise

Synonyms for treatise

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

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Earlier in the century, in Chapter 32 of A Christian and Heavenly Treatise (1622), entitled "The poisonous tongue," John Abernethy also compared slanderers to "deafe Adders," "a generation of Vipers," "vile Dogs," and "Lions of the Forrest" (466).
A significant value of this book is in its bringing together, for the first time, the two Ravenscroft treatises--a manuscript given the title "A Treatise of Practicall Musicke" (1607) and A Briefe Discourse (1612).
Schmitt begins by discussing the reduction of demonstration to probability in Treatise 1.
with TEMPLE OF STONE, I am breaking this treatise on BLANK.
Nadler makes the point that the Treatise was writ tell for a much broader audience than the work for which Spinoza is best Known, tile Ethics.
According to Hilton, 'The Treatise is a monument to a consciousness adapted to a mercatorial order by way of satire, irony and cynicism, and is an artefact of an early attempt to educate readers in accommodating themselves to a culture that is incorrigibly utilitarian or instrumentalist' (p.
11) He noted that law professors still "continue to write legal treatises that describe and critique legal doctrines," (12) but also wondered when the editors of the Michigan Law Review had last chosen a casebook or legal treatise for inclusion in the annual Book Review issue.
They also generally fail to acknowledge the impact of Luca Pacioli's bookkeeping treatise of 1494 which was carried across Europe and resulted in a stream of other books largely based upon it which, without doubt resulted in the method described by Pacioli being the one that, ultimately, emerged as 'the' way to record details of financial transactions.
Content is subject to revision annually by the cadre of dozens of authors responsible for the more than 130 articles now constituting the treatise, but this year's overhaul was exceptional, said ELULS Chair Erin Deady.
The larger treatise has long intrigued historians of science, but it has garnered less attention from music scholars.
Picarda's leading treatise fortifies the title's distinction as essential reading for anyone interested in the law of charity.
I do not have in mind parallel treatments of the same biblical text, but explicit references either to an exegetical treatment in another treatise or to another treatise.
20 -- Manfest, IIM Lucknow's annual international business conclave, announces the launch of its flagship international event with Treatise, the thought challenge.
It's an irony of sorts to read a text like Balzac's Treatise on Elegant Living when one considers that, for most of his life, Balzac lived anything but elegantly.
al-Yawaqit ft 'ilm al-mawaqit, a treatise on astronomy and timekeeping by the legal scholar, philologist, and grammarian Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Asbahl, who presumably worked in al-Janad in Yemen around 1250.