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Synonyms for treatise

Synonyms for treatise

a formal, lengthy exposition of a topic

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Now will I pray meekly every discreet person that readeth or heareth this little treatise, to have my rude inditing for excused, and my superfluity of words, for two causes.
Creswell (Bohn's Classical Library), 1848; with Treatise on Physiognomy, by T.
Hamilton, 1851; Treatise on Rhetorica and Poetica, by T.
It is well worth while carefully to study the several treatises published on some of our old cultivated plants, as on the hyacinth, potato, even the dahlia, &c.
Many treatises in different languages have been published on pigeons, and some of them are very important, as being of considerably antiquity.
Full of this idea, the scientific gentleman seized his pen again, and committed to paper sundry notes of these unparalleled appearances, with the date, day, hour, minute, and precise second at which they were visible: all of which were to form the data of a voluminous treatise of great research and deep learning, which should astonish all the atmospherical wiseacres that ever drew breath in any part of the civilised globe.
But the scientific gentleman could not rest under the idea of the ingenious treatise he had projected being lost to the world, which must inevitably be the case if the speculation of the ingenious Mr.
As to the scientific gentleman, he demonstrated, in a masterly treatise, that these wonderful lights were the effect of electricity; and clearly proved the same by detailing how a flash of fire danced before his eyes when he put his head out of the gate, and how he received a shock which stunned him for a quarter of an hour afterwards; which demonstration delighted all the scientific associations beyond measure, and caused him to be considered a light of science ever afterwards.
Thus, Jean de Marconville's A Treatise of the Good and Evill Tongue (1592), a translation from the French, is a disorderly accumulation of stories, quotations, and ideas, "based on a random collection of examples" (Vienne-Guerrin, introduction xxvii).
Synopsis: Some six years after his narrow escape from proscription in 43 BCE, Marcus Terentius Varro, the "most learned" of the Romans, wrote a technical treatise on farming in the form of a satirico-philosophical dialogue.
The Music Treatises of Thomas Ravenscroft: 'Treatise of Practicall Musick' and A Briefe Discourse.
Schmitt discusses Hume's accounts of the beliefs in external objects and distinct matter in Treatise 1.
In this treatise, suggestion carries agency, and therefore
Steven Nadler's A Book Forged in Hell: Spinoza's Scandalous Treatise and the Birth of the Secular Age is an elegantly written and enormously helpful introduction to one of Spinoza's most important yet underappreciated works, the Theological-Political Treatise.
Among the discussions in the introduction are the place of the treatise in his corpus, the use of the Bible, the main themes of the treatise, the text, and previous scholarship on the treatise.