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Synonyms for treat

behave towards

take care of







treat of something


Synonyms for treat

to behave in a specified way toward

to be occupied or concerned with

to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

to give medical aid to


something fine and delicious, especially a food

Synonyms for treat

an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight

provide with a gift or entertainment

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

engage in negotiations in order to reach an agreement

Related Words

regard or consider in a specific way

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Except to the extent the loss corporation establishes that the amount is not attributable to the excess of an asset's adjusted basis over its FMV on the change date, those amounts are treated as RBIL, regardless of whether they accrued for tax purposes before the change date.
108(b) and 1017 that occurs as a result of excluded COD income realized during the first 12 months following the ownership change is treated as if it occurred immediately before such change, so that a subsequent disposition of such asset may be treated as RBIG (although such basis reduction does not affect NUBIG or NUBIL).
Includible COD income is treated as built-in income only to the extent of the excess of the discharged debt's adjusted issue price over its FMV on the change date.
Further, even if additional credits to a participant's account under an account balance plan are denominated as income and do not exceed the permissible amount, they will not be treated as income exempt from FICA taxation if the amounts with respect to which they purport to be income have not actually been taken into account for FICA tax purposes.
The amount includable as FICA wages as a result of an employee's participation in a nonaccount balance plan is generally equal to the increase in the present value of his benefit under the plan over any present value previously treated as FICA wages.
First, the regulations provide a "rule of administrative convenience" pursuant to which an employer may withhold and pay taxes at any time before the end of the calendar year in which the amounts are required to be treated as FICA wages.
678 is not a grantor, because such a power holder does not make a gratuitous transfer to the trust; nevertheless, such a power holder is treated as the trust's owner to the extent provided in Sec.
Accordingly, a FEE treated as a corporation in its local jurisdiction is a hybrid if one or more of its members does not have limited liability.
parent of a foreign subsidiary checks the box to treat the subsidiary as the parent's branch, the subsidiary will be treated as having been liquidated into the U.
However, under the CTB regime, a FEE treated as a corporation under local law merely needs to elect flowthrough classification by filing Form 8832 (or to default to such status, in appropriate cases) to become a hybrid.
For example, an SMLLC is treated as a taxable entity for purposes of these taxes even if the LLC is disregarded under the FCBRs.
For entities electing to be treated as partnerships or corporations for Federal income tax purposes, Illinois requires identical treatment for state income tax purposes.
Section 10-819, as amended, provides that an LLC treated as a partnership for Federal tax purposes must file a Maryland partnership return; an LLC treated as a corporation for Federal purposes must file a Maryland corporate return.
In this case, the partner will be treated as if he received an obligation of the partnership on the date of the sale.
There is no provision for these payments to be considered reasonable up to the calculated amount with the excess being treated as not reasonable.