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Synonyms for treated

subjected to a physical (or chemical) treatment or action or agent

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given medical care or treatment


made hard or flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment

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Essco is treated as owning all the stock of Zeno and can elect to treat Zeno as a QSub.
Advanced testing shows that treated pellets achieve excellent paint adhesion with no degradation of material properties.
Stewart treated more than 100 women who had fibroids.
Sanitation officials plan to use treated sewage water to irrigate farm crops on thousands of acres the district is buying south of Edwards' border.
A micrograph picture of a treated mold surface is shown in figure 1.
Because of their large dimensions, wood treated with oil-borne preservatives can be readily identified and removed from the recycling stream.
End tags provide another important clue as to whether wood within a load is treated.
EPA also conducted an eight-year investigation of the treated wood process and the use of CCA.
Rutka and colleagues treated for inadvertent ototoxicity caused by commercially available gentamicin/betamethasone drops represent by far the largest such population ever reported.
However, over the last few years the public perception that arsenic in CCA could be leaching out from wood treated with CCA is growing.
Health conscious consumers be warned: unless your meat is labeled organic, you might as well assume that it has been treated.
Patients in the trial were treated with either heparin or ANGIOMAX, alongside fibrinolytic therapy with streptokinase and platelet inhibition with aspirin Patients treated with ANGIOMAX in the trial also showed a 4% lower risk of death than those treated with heparin, a level that did not reach conventional levels of statistical significance.
On those front lines we treated a lot of people through clouds of tear gas.
A more recent paper by this same group of researchers and colleagues in San Francisco and Seattle (3) found that although patients treated during PHI had less diverse viral populations, they also had weaker and narrower cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses than patients treated with antiretroviral therapy soon after seroconversion.
In addition, the extent to which NQPS will be treated as property other than stock under the Code should be clarified.