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Synonyms for treat

behave towards

take care of







treat of something


Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for treat

to behave in a specified way toward

to be occupied or concerned with

to pay for the food, drink, or entertainment of (another)

to give medical aid to


something fine and delicious, especially a food

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Synonyms for treat

an occurrence that causes special pleasure or delight

provide with a gift or entertainment

provide with choice or abundant food or drink

engage in negotiations in order to reach an agreement

Related Words

regard or consider in a specific way

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Made in America, the buffalo treats come in two sizes: small for dogs up to 20 lbs and large for dogs 20 lbs and up.
Bone treats are real bones that have been dried, flavored and packaged for dogs.
The 2-year-old collie-shepherd mix, adopted by the Tortorice family, of Oak Park, Ill., in May 2014, is usually rewarded two to three times each day with a variety of treats.
* New final regulations operate to treat distributions from qualified trusts as having been so acquired at the time and in the manner acquired by the qualified trust.
Although historically used to treat rare genetic diseases such as hemophilia, specialty drugs are no longer limited to treating such disorders.
Thousands of pounds of powder have been treated and numerous test parts have been rotomolded by processors, according to Williams.
The patient reportedly had fed his dog beef pet treats a few days before the onset of his illness.
When and how to treat those who may not progress to that stage is a difficult question, and not just because of the costs.
Where payment for an item is on capital account, adopt rules analogous to section 138 of the Excise Tax Act in order to treat the payment as part of the related property or service.
Results showed that all 5 patients treated locally with Aastrom's TRCs, exhibited a statistically significant increase in bone height at the 3-month evaluation point, and the cell graft had started to integrate with the surrounding preexisting bone of the upper jaw by 4 months, with no cell-related adverse events.
Treated wood can also be used indoors in areas where the wood is in contact with the foundation of a building or in high termite hazard areas.
Waterborne preservatives, on the other hand, treat not only industrial products but also products used in residential areas, such as lumber, timbers and plywood.
By heat treating in a shorter time frame, the heat treat costs for magnesium components can be one-third their current costs and less than the costs of conventionally heat treated aluminum castings.
* Treat your BDUs with an insect repellent known as permethrin.
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