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In so far as the Australian economy has held up reasonably well during his Treasurership, this has been due to an extravagant influx of borrowings from abroad, with the overseas deficit increasing at an alarming rate.)
This decision for fundamental change, which accompanied and initiated the dynamic honorary treasurership of Professor Roy Wisbey, proved correct because it coincided with the beginning of the huge expansion in university institutions in western countries from the late 1960s on.
Dunbar could thus personally extend the king's plan to effect an administrative congruity between his Churches by working to restore diocesan episcopacy in the northern kingdom.(121) His final major promotion, however, involved his consolidation as the chief financial power in Scotland, building on the treasurership that he had held since 1601.
In 1674 he obtained a sinecure conferring nobility--a treasurership of France.
142), although the novelty of a commission for the Lord Treasurership lasted twenty-four months.