treasure trove

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Synonyms for treasure trove

treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth)


any collection of valuables that is discovered

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The treasure trove was found by Department of Archives, Archaeology and Museums from Semthan village recently and includes three fragmented sculptures of Lord Vishnu (without face, legs and arms) which date back to 12th century AD, the spokesman said.
The Treasure Trove Hunt is a special Halloween surprise because kids get to be treasure hunters searching for exciting treats and delights.
Rachel Gilbertson, owner of The Treasure Trove, in Crosby, pictured with some of the items sold in her shop.
Director General of Nexus Bernard Garner said: "It's been five years since the last Metro lost property auction took place so we've got a real treasure trove of lost property.
Department of Cultural Resources think that the Queen Anne's Revenge itself is a treasure trove - a unique repository of history from centuries ago.
The English system of treasure trove was abolished by the Treasure Act 1996 and replaced by a new concept of 'treasure'.
The converted dairy is a treasure trove which aims at catering for the shopper's entire artisan needs.
Inside the moving treasure trove was jewellery, furs, electronic gear - and more importantly two laptops with never-heard-before tunes for his next album.
A treasure trove of Mediterranean delights and fascinating Pompeii.
A treasure trove inquest was held at Gloucestershire Coroner's Court to determine its value to the nation.
WITH regard to the suggestion by P Boiston (Sunken Treasure Trove For Divers, 4.
MOTOWN legend Smokey Robinson is to perform his treasure trove of hits for a new generation of Scottish music fans.
The landmarked building is a veritable treasure trove of American history and world class art and architecture.
Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide is a treasure trove of insights and foreshadowings revealed about the pop culture sensation that is the hit television series "Lost".
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