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Synonyms for travesty

Synonyms for travesty

a false, derisive, or impudent imitation of something

to copy (the manner or expression of another), especially in an exaggerated or mocking way

Synonyms for travesty

a comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations

Related Words

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

make a travesty of

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This point is underscored by the artist's claim in "Siting Vexation Island" that the intention of his first film, Two Generators, 1984, was "to create a burlesque travesty and a spectacle that would inspire negative thoughts about cinema."(7) In Vexation Island, the false unity produced by this medium is laid bare, as is the way the illusion and fantasy inherent to film is passively consumed by an alienated spectator.
"We got nothing out of the game, which is a bit of a travesty.
"It would have been a bit of a travesty if we hadn't of won that game," said McLeish.
SELECTIONS: 2.15 Shadow Prince, 2.45 Rich Vein, 3.20 Swallow Flight, 3.50 Misty Eyed, 4.25 Vicious Circle, 5.00 Travesty Of Law, 5.35 Flak Jacket (nap).
TRAVESTY OF LAW was caught out at Lingfield yesterday but Brian Meehan's colt could still prove to be a speedy performer.
Nato spokesman Jamie Shea condemned the move as a ''travesty'', saying the trio - Staff Sergeant Andrew Ramirez, aged 24, Staff Sergeant Christopher Stone, 25, and 24-year-old Specialist Steven Gonzales - were on a peace- keeping mission.
When they achieve this perfection of classical form, or even when their concentration is markedly fixed on the dancing, what they do transcends travesty.
Above all, I have been struck by the sense of urgency pervading his texts, by their insistence on setting the record straight, on discriminating between invention and its travesty, on revisiting our roots: our understanding of the present, our fate, depends on it.
Fine Gael's Health spokesman Dr James O'Reilly described the plan to cut patient numbers as a "travesty".
The parents of five-year-old Mason Jones have branded his release just three months into a year-long sentence as "a travesty of justice".
FAMILY courts are too secretive and their decisions should be open to more scrutiny to stop the travesty of children being "kidnapped" by social services, according to a Birmingham MP.
IT'S a travesty of modern justice that an archaic law prevents the identification of young offenders being made public, despite the fact that many heinous and horrendous crimes are perpetrated by youngsters, including those over16, protected by this law.
CHRIS COLEMAN believes it would be a travesty if Manchester City plunged back into the Nationwide League even though Kevin Keegan's men continue to limp through their dismal campaign.
The report--actually an evenhanded account--said one of the protesters advised that "the producers of such rot [should] take note that this film is not only an insult to the proud and `manly' gay persons of this community but to the millions of homosexuals who conceal their identity to fight bravely and die proudly for their country which rejects them." Many critics concurred, calling Deceivers "witless" and a "travesty." It's no small irony that the film's release coincided with the Stonewall riots in June that year,