traveling wave

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a wave in which the medium moves in the direction of propagation of the wave

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Since the hypothesized backward traveling wave is a transverse vibration on the BM, these indirect measurements [15, 16] have also been criticized to not truly represent the BM vibration [19,20].
and showed the existence (nonexistence) of desired traveling wave solutions if the wave speed c > [c.sup.*] (c < [c.sup.*]).
Mallet-Paret, "The global structure of traveling waves in spatially discrete dynamical systems," Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, vol.
Convert a nonlinear partial differential equation in (1) into an ordinary differential equation (ODE) using the traveling wave transformation in a variable [xi] as follows:
When a fault happens, the generated traveling wave contains a lot of frequency components, which can be viewed as very important fault information.
Based on comparison principle, Chen [3] developed the squeeze technique to study the interaction and the exponential stability of traveling wave solution for bistable reaction-diffusion equations.
Design and FEM analysis of a new distributed vernier traveling wave induction heater for heating moving thin strips.
The voltage magnitude of the traveling wave is continuously compared with a threshold value (c[D.sub.1TH]), normally 5% of peak voltage, in order to detect the presence of faults in the line.
Then system (3.2) has a nonincreasing traveling wave solution W(x - ct) = (u(x - ct), v(x - ct)) with W(+[infinity]) = 0 and W(-[infinity]) = [beta] if and only if c [greater than or equal to] [c.sup.*].
Based on the variations of the displacements and tension forces of the cables considering the change of traveling wave velocity, the wave travel effect has a significant influence on the response of the cables.
In this paper, we will apply the method of dynamical system [19-24] from a mathematical point of view to study the traveling wave solutions of (1).
The patterns of sarcomere oscillation/contraction defined by the newer model include synchronized oscillation (in-phase SPOC); propagated oscillation along a myofibril (traveling wave SPOC); disrupted propagation of a traveling wave SPOC due to another traveling wave SPOC from elsewhere in the same myofibril colliding with or reversing the initial oscillation (disrupted traveling wave SPOC); randomly-occurring oscillation (out-of-phase SPOC); and the force generation state in the absence of oscillation (contraction) (see Figure 2 for phase diagram).
The company said the order is for integration of Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) and is valued at approximately USD7.0m .
Bhattacharjee, "Accurate parametric modeling of folded waveguide circuits for millimeter-wave traveling wave tubes," IEEE Trans.
The main object of the analysis was to develop analytical expressions and estimate parameters for the waveform of source current, which would allow the natural traveling wave processes to be properly represented in the current waveforms computed numerically.
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