traveling wave

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a wave in which the medium moves in the direction of propagation of the wave

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Design and FEM analysis of a new distributed vernier traveling wave induction heater for heating moving thin strips.
Liu, "Bifurcation of phase and exact traveling wave solutions of a higher-order nonlinear Schroodinger equation," International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol.
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In the paper, analysis of traveling wave phenomena in a GSM tower struck by lightning has been presented.
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Summarizing the following types of piezoelectric actuators can be specified: traveling wave, standing wave, hybrid transducer, and multimode vibrations actuators.
The fact that hippocampal activity forms a traveling wave means that these target areas receive inputs from the hippocampus in a specific sequence rather than all at once," said Siapas.
Meeting international specifications for harsh environments, Datatronics' 4283-1200 and 4283-1250 Series transformers operate in line and portable medical devices, such as defibrillators, industrial lasers, ion generators for powder coating and painting equipment, cathode ray tube transformers and traveling wave tube transformers.
L-3 Electron Technologies has introduced its new model 8923H dual-band, 300 Watt, 30 GHz/175 W 45 GHz Traveling Wave Tube amplifier designed for military satellite communication uplink applications.
Applicability in line and portable medical devices, industrial lasers, ion generators, cathode ray tube transformers and traveling wave tube transformers.
sat] and can serve as an alternative to traveling wave tube solutions.
The new installations, such as Doubling Back, have grown out of this original series from the '70s, but with the addition of a new linear form, the traveling wave.
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