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Probably the most common type of statutory employee at present is the traveling salesperson defined in Sec.
The point-radius method for georeferencing locality descriptions (3) estimates a best guess for the exposure site (e.g., residence, workplace) but describes uncertainty in that georeference is a radius that expresses spatial uncertainty in the record (i.e., compare our traveling salesperson with his or her housebound neighbor) and in translation into geographic coordinates (including uncertainty in the locality descriptor, spatial footprint of the locality described, imprecision in the locality identified, and any other sources of imprecision).
A traveling salesperson, for example, who needs to get to remote locations quickly or to areas not served by commercial airlines should be able to demonstrate the direct relationship the IRS looks for.
For the traveling salesperson or executive, that likely means being out of the loop when it comes to company documents, memos, etc.
For example, a traveling salesperson who wants to make changes to a price list could download the page, key in the new figures, save them and re-publish the page without having to enlist the help of technical support back at the company's offices, as would have been the case in the past, said Rhoten.
On September 24, 2008, the Tax Court, in a summary decision, upheld the Service's disallowance of an auto expense deduction of a traveling salesperson due to lack of substantiation (Niyitegyeka, T.C.
There are four types of statutory employees: an agent or commissioned driver who delivers food, beverages, laundry or dry cleaning for someone else; a full-time insurance salesperson; a person who does piecework at home for someone else; and a traveling salesperson who works full-time for one firm or person taking customer orders.