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The traveling salesman problem is solved to find the best route which minimizes the cost.
Duncan Hines was born in Kentucky in 1880 and found success as a traveling salesman in Chicago.
The multiple traveling salesman problem: an overview of formulations and solution procedures".
The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is one of the most intensively studied problems in computational mathematics.
The bottleneck traveling salesman problem (BTSP) is a variation of the usual traveling salesman problem (TSP).
A sampling of topics: new hierarchical routing protocol for WSNs, novel VNS algorithms on asymmetric traveling salesman problems, electric load forecasting, real-time visual feedback enhances Tower of Hanoi manipulation task, and part-of-speech approach to evaluation of textbook reviews, among many others.
In 1872, a traveling salesman named Aaron Montgomery Ward tried something different.
In 1872, traveling salesman Aaron Montgomery Ward experimented with mail order catalogs to sell products directly to his rural customers, lowering prices by removing the middleman at the general store.
The traveling salesman algorithm may not be a mathematical panacea for what ails industry wide marketing.
An Analogue Approach to the Traveling Salesman problem Using an Elastic Net Method".
But one can't help but see the military's efforts as akin to the traveling salesman who believes a new business-card scanner from Sky Mall will ramp up his monthly numbers.
Virginia Madsen, an Oscar nominee two years ago for ``Sideways,'' plays Bobby's oblivious wife, Hope, who thinks her husband is just another traveling salesman.
A Catholic woman from Croatian Dubrovnik and her Orthodox boyfriend from Montenegro, a Serbian biker and his Bosnian Muslim girlfriend, and a traveling salesman and his wife are likeable and often funny as they try to gently persuade their families that love conquers all.
Due to new privacy legislation, today, like a traveling salesman, she has to make "cold calls" to fulfill her job.
Scott Blair, owner of the Franklinton graphics store that makes the $3 and $5 signs, told AP that he had sold nearly 3,000 to residents of surrounding towns, while "Lamar Bryant, a traveling salesman from nearby Bogalusa, has bought 1,000 signs and is selling them across the Southeast," from Mississippi and Alabama to Georgia and Florida.